About Us

Hayyoo bitches! We're Daniela & Dennis, a husband & wife wedding photography team based in Philadelphia, PA. 

We've been joined at the hip far back enough to have made actual cassette mixtapes for each other (dorks).. Nowadays, we spend our time either with photography or chasing our crazy toddler "M-Pup" and two actual pups around. We'd tell you more about ourselves but we're afraid you'll think we're a bunch of weirdos and question your decision to hire us.

As far as how we go into this...When we got hitched, we completely skimped on our wedding photography. We regretted skimping out on our wedding photography. So like some sort of superhero origin story, we vowed to never let that happen to anyone else...one wedding at a time.

We like to have a fun, relaxed time when we shoot but our favorite part of shooting a wedding is knowing that once we've documented it all, the work we've given you is going to be treasured not just by you, but also waayyy down the line by the future generations started by you crazy lovebirds. That part we take seriously.

- D & D

Our Work Has Been Featured On...

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